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You may have seen that I run a free Facebook group called ‘Recruit, Inspire & Retain’.

It’s a place for business owners to club together, share issues and answers, problems and opportunities.

The aim of the group is to ensure you are legally protected, that you’ve got the right team and structure in place to grow your business and that you and your employees enjoy going to work every day.

In our changing world it’s going to be more important than ever to think differently and understand what today and tomorrow’s workers actually want. Now’s the time to make sure your business has the foundations in place to survive past the pandemic, and thrive for years to come. 


We want to help you build firm foundations, so you can scale, sell or spend time doing whatever you want.

Every week we share:
✓ How to create a great company culture
✓ Employment law news & updates
✓ Answer your questions on how to get the right team and structure in place to scale your business

Whatever your question, worry or concern, just pop it in the group and I’ll make sure it gets answered.

It’s totally free to join if you’re a business owner.

Join the Recruit, Inspire & Retain Facebook Group Now

And I’d love to give you a FREE bonus just for joining:
A complimentary copy of my first book – Business Book Awards Finalist:
‘Recruit, Inspire & Retain – How to create a company culture to grow your business’ which will help you to:
• Get everyone aligned to your purpose
• Attract and retain the right people
• Boost motivation and staff engagement
• Create a culture that becomes a business asset.

Join the Recruit, Inspire & Retain Facebook Group Now